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Weekly Newsletter

    • Fall2009

      WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU In recent issues of the Northeastern Illinois Chapter, NECA Newsletter, we have conveyed statistics and details about the falling numbers of the electrical industry. Anywhere from roadwork and infrastructure to residential building and communication technology – it seems as though almost nothin

    • Magazine Column Fall 2011

      SHARED OPPORTUNIES Kevin Connelly, NECA Chapter President One of the great things about NECA’s participation in the Electric Association is the opportunity to share knowledge and resources. When it comes to the subjects of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, it would be hard to believe that there would be a better

    • Magazine Column Spring 2012

      MONEY AND JUSTICE Kevin Connelly, President Northeastern Illinois Chapter, NECA Whether you are an electrical contractor, electrical distributor, manufacturer’s representative, utility executive or a design professional, one pervasive thing that we all have in common is our need to get paid for the goods and services t

    • Spring2009

      For the past several issues of the Northeastern Illinois Chapter, NECA Newsletter, we have been reporting on construction investment impact data; state jobs shrink, and income fluxuation a.k.a. declines. The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) are continually releasing data that impact the construction indu

    • Spring2010

      Every year, CISCO (Construction Industry Service Corporation) hosts their Annual Meeting in Schaumburg, Illinois, and graces the Chapter with a very informative event including an award ceremony, executive speeches, and this year – an enlightening presentation given by Mark Sherwood of McGraw-Hill Construction, who pre

    • Winter2011

      Let’s face — no one wants to invest money in something that doesn’t have a positive result associated with it. Warren Buffett didn’t invest in Geico and Coca-Cola because he thought they were going to fail. Donald Trump doesn’t invest in real estate in a geographical area that is not popular and established. It is the