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    Electrical contractors count on NECA to deliver the resources that help them make better business decisions, provide excellent customer service, and take advantage of innovative technologies. The Northeastern Illinois Chapter, NECA with the full support of a national office and nearby affiliated local chapters advances the electrical construction industry through advocacy, education, research, and standards development.
    NECA members from all over the country were asked what they thought were the most valuable benefits of belonging to NECA.
    • “Provides a professional peer network I can’t find anywhere else” – NECA offers the best networking and business growth opportunities in the industry through meetings, peer counseling, and collaborative venues.
    • “Gives me a voice in my industry” – Whether it’s direct input on local labor negotiations, involvement with joint committees, lobbying in Springfield and on Capitol Hill, or forming strategic partnerships, Chapter members know that through NECA, they have direct ways to influence the factors affecting their business.
    • “Supports my business” - From education and industry research to marketing support, NECA helps both small and large electrical contractors find the solutions that help grow their businesses.
    • “Saves me time and money” –NECA contractors have access to member services and benefits that saves their companies time and money, as well as technical expertise and exclusive industry research and services.
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    Within the $130 billion dollar electrical construction industry, the partnership programs with NECA have been a great way to add value between industry vendors and the electrical contractors serving customers who need electrical energy systems.