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    NECA members are not only leaders in business, but they are also active within their communities and provide an active voice in Government Affairs. The NECA Political Action Committee (NECAPAC is the leading specialty contractors construction PAC in the nation.




    The National Electrical Contractors Association does more than simply inform its members about legislative issues and regulatory matters-NECA is proactive in being a leading advocate for the legitimate interests of its small business member firms. The Chapter represents the interests of its members nationally, through its support of the NECA Contracting Political Action Committee (NECACPAC), at the State level through participation in the Illinois Mechanical Specialty Contractors Association (IMSCA) and locally through its active involvement in community governance and regulatory issues.

    With broad member support for NECA’s political action committee, ECPAC, the Chapter has maintained membership on the national organization’s Political Leadership Council. Each year, the Northeastern Illinois Chapter NECA sponsors member firms participation in the NECA Legislative Conference in Washington, DC. NECA members get to know their Congressional Representatives and speak directly with them on issues that affect their businesses. NECA also fully supports the IMSCA political action committee. IMSCA has gained and maintained representation on the Illinois Capitol Development Board (CDB) and is vigilant in protecting the rights of subcontracting firms throughout Illinois. IMSCA regularly advances legislation that the organization has directly developed in order to facilitate the growth and development of responsible and profitable contracting businesses.

     NECA is also actively engaged in joint legislative initiatives which advance not only the interests of NECA member firms, but also the shared interest of a skilled workforce. The Chapter is an active participant in the CISCO Legislative Committee for such initiatives. NECA readily comes together with other construction industry trade associations to focus on targeted issues-the Chapter was fully engaged in the AHEAD coalition which was instrumental in opposing efforts to re-implement scaffolding act legislation which would have made Illinois unattractive to business. The AHEAD coalition also participated as a representative of bipartisan Workers Compensation reform measures.


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    NECA works in collaboration with a number of other organizations that play a role in bringing expertly implemented electrical energy projects to fruition. Affiliations with groups such as the NJATC, Electri International, NFPA, IAEI and the IBEW enable member firms to better serve businesses and people that count on NECA for reliable energy and technology systems.